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Introducing the 2023
Young Composers and Apprentices

ORA Singers is excited to announce the 50 students taking part in the 2023 Young Composers’ programme.

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ORA Singers has been thrilled to see a sharp increase of interest in the programme since its inception in 2019, receiving a record number of applications from students across the UK for 2023.

The scheme sees 10 selected ‘Young Composers’ receive 10 hours of free, one-to-one mentoring with professional composers, who develop their skills in composition whilst helping them write a brand new piece for ORA Singers. Throughout the process, mentors identify and develop areas of need or interest, helping the Young Composers develop into confident and mature composers, as they guide them through the process of writing a new choral work.

Half-way through the scheme, Young Composers are invited to a Workshop, where they are given further coaching on Western Choral Composition from a Guest Composer, and they have their ideas and sketches workshopped by ORA Singers; offering further specialist tips and advice from a singer’s perspective. The Workshop offers the Young Composers a rare and unique chance to work with professionals in the industry, learning about the unique challenges of writing for voices.

The Young Composers’ programme comes to a close with the Showcase Concert. ORA Singers is thrilled to have partnered with the Three Choirs Festival, who will host the Showcase Concert in Gloucester Cathedral on 23rd July. The Showcase Concert will see ORA Singers perform and record the Young Composers’ completed works live in front of an audience and a panel of industry experts. Each Young Composer will receive detailed feedback from the panel, along with a video record of their piece to kick-start their portfolios. The Showcase will also feature a prize-giving.

The 10 selected 2023 Young Composers are:

Rich Mandal, Year 12, Denbigh School, Milton Keynes

Hannah Lam, Year 13, Westcliff High School for Girls, Essex

Tristan Ng, Year 11, Bourne Grammar School, Lincolnshire

Jack Brierley, Year 11, St. Aidan's Church of England High School, Harrogate

Joshua Laye-Sion, Year 11, Christ's School Richmond, London

Cara Wilkins, Year 10, St Philomenas Catholic High School for Girls, London

Holly Bacon, Year 12, Kendrick School, Reading

Advaith Jagannath, Year 11, Tiffin School, London

Emerald Light, Year 12, Silverdale School, Sheffield

Bella Blood, Year 12, York College, York

2023 Mentors.jpg

ORA Singers welcomes a new group of Mentors to the Young Composers’ programme; Alexander Campkin, Sorana Santos, Florence Anna Maunders, Toby Young, and Kemal Yusuf (left to right). Each Mentor coaches two Young Composers in one-to-one sessions, as they develop their skills whilst guiding them through the process of writing a new choral work. The Mentors are all professional composers, and have each been commissioned by ORA Singers in the past.

2023 Apprentices

In addition to the 10 Young Composers, the 2023 programme welcomes 40 Apprentices who are enrolled onto a free course of online, in-depth Composition Workshops.

Over the course of eight sessions, composer Rory Wainwright Johnston coaches the Apprentices in various aspects of choral composition, including texture, harmony, notation, techniques, history and more. After each session, Apprentices are set tasks which exercise the skills introduced in each session, and receive personalised feedback from Rory.

The Apprentices are also given opportunities to hear from industry professionals, and gain an insight into the professional world of choral composition.

The 40 selected 2023 Apprentices are:

Michael Carew, Year 9, Ridgeway High School, Merseyside

Mark Avery, Year 9, Chipping Campden School, Chipping Campden

Ben Atherton, Year 10, Dartford Grammar School, Kent

Dawid Szymiczek, Year 10, Boston Grammar School, Lincolnshire

Miriam Ilderton, Year 10, Ealing Fields High School, London

Sebastian Tucker, Year 10, Royal Latin School, Buckingham

Simeon Bloom, Year 10, Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet

Kate Wilson, Year 10, Waldegrave School, Twickenham

Amelia Greenfields, Year 10, The Tiffin Girls' School, London

Gregor Hutchison, Year 11, Dane Court Grammar School, Kent

Sam Bishton, Year 11, Trinity CofE High School, Manchester

Guillermo Fernandez-Aguayo Martin, Year 11, Alexandra Park School, London

Borimir Ivanov, Year 11, Tiffin School, London

Sara Maruboyina, Year 11, The Henrietta Barnett School, Watford

Sampanna Raut, Year 11, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, Stafford

Jakub Gutek, Year 11, St Clement Danes School, Chorleywood

Gareth Lewis, Year 11, King Edward VI School Stratford, Warwickshire

Emily-Hafwen Davies, Year 11, Gartree High School, Leicester

Kate Sitaraman, Year 11, West London Free School, London

Nicole Palka, Year 12, Wirral Grammar school for Girls, Cheshire West

Mia Odeleye, Year 12, Graveney School, London

Becky Brown, Year 12, Huntington school, York

Isla Gordon, Year 11, Settlebeck High School, Cumbria

Isher Jagdev, Year 12, Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet

Miriam Cooper, Year 12, St Bartholomew's Secondary School, Newbury

Ben Cohen, Year 12, JFS, London

Simon Brant, Year 12, Parmiter's School, Watford

Luke Gore, Year 12, Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School, Kent

Stephan Nicoll, Year 12, Busheymeads School, Bushey

Reuben Russell Thompson, Year 12, Christ’s Sixth Form, London

Rosie Sutton, Year 12, Sir John Lawes School, Harpenden

Max Knight, Year 12, Richard Challoner school, Surrey

Caleb Wilton, Year 12, King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, Birmingham

Chava Ambuehl, Year 12, Coombe Girls' school, Surbiton

Lauren Periam, Year 12, Huntington Secondary School, York

Lauren Westgarth, Year 12, Parmiter's School, Watford

Samuel Davie, Year 12, The King's School, Grantham

Sophia Martinez Freitas, Year 13, St George's Catholic School, London

Pierre Jones, Year 13, Bristol Cathedral Choir School, Bristol

Delphine Ngodi, Year 13, London Academy of Excellence, London


Rory Wainwright Johnston - Apprentice Leader

The 2023 Young Composers’ programme has been generously supported by Signatur, The Symondson Foundation, and The Thistle Trust. ORA Singers is pleased welcome Scala Radio as the Official Media Partner of the Young Composers’ scheme.

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