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Thank you for considering making a donation to the ORA Singers Young Composers' Programme.


This initiative was created to help bridge the gap in UK's education sector, which in 2018, saw 50% of students in independent schools receive sustained music tuition, whilst the figure for state schools was only 15%. That same year saw an alarming drop in students taking GCSE Music, despite overall GCSE entries increasing. The number of schools offering Music at A Level also declined by 15% in that same period.

Since its launch in 2019, the Young Composers' Programme has seen 140 students receive free first-class coaching in choral composition through the Apprentices' & Young Composers' courses. The scheme has reached students from 107 schools all across the UK, with many alumni gaining places in top UK Universities to study Music, Composition, or other courses. Some have even been approached by international festivals for commissions as a result of their participation in the scheme.

It costs £42,000 each year to run the Young Composers' Programme. ORA Singers relies heavily on individual donations, and your support allows us to continue this crucial work, championing the untapped potential of young musicians and safeguarding the future of music in the UK.

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